Attitudes of young people are becoming more important for the agricultural sector

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Attitudes of young people are becoming more important for the agricultural sector

Working for the development of the agricultural sector cannot be achieved simply by adopting better policies. Experts implementing these policies; Good staff Farmers also have strong opinions and attitudes. Critical disciplines; Behaviors that want to change; More honest attitudes are needed.

There are projects in various sectors to develop farmers and the agricultural sector, but the results have not yet been seen, which is unsatisfactory.

It has been more than two or three years since the aim of promoting contract farming for the development of the agricultural sector. Farmers still do not know the pros and cons.

The Ministry of Agriculture needs to educate farmers who are not yet familiar with the policies of the contract farming system about the pros and cons of contract farming, as they see the benefits of contract farming with farmers in the field.

However, most of the employees on the contract farming system are educated in agriculture, but they are not fully responsible for their work. It is unfortunate that the farmers are working for the benefit of the business owner rather than for the benefit of the farmers. I was very saddened to hear from a contract farmer that “farmers want the price of paddy to go down a lot so that we can see that the price offered by our company is good and follow suit.” Whether this statement is true or not, I see the need for our agricultural education.

So are most of the state-appointed agricultural workers really standing up for the farmers?

There are really good employees who stand up for the farmers. However, there are still routines that are only demonstrated in visible actions. It’s difficult to point them all out, as we have to go through a series of policies and procedures that have been on record for generations.

Therefore, despite our changing agricultural policies, we see the need for civil servants to be trained in basic agricultural skills and attitudes. It’s really sad to see or hear any organization calling farmers money-hungry.

“Even the farmers do not understand the explanation for doing joint ventures, they are just lying that the price will be good,” said an employee of the joint venture.

“Farmers know they want to grow crops, but it takes a long time to fertilize,” said an employee of the Agricultural Input Company.

“Farmers only attend lectures by agrochemical companies that give gifts, not to events held by our agricultural office. They only want gifts,” said a government agriculture official.

Yes, on the other hand, it’s all right. If you imagine both sides, you will see the real reasons. We need to look up. Farmers who claim to be rich make money and have been working for decades. But is it getting richer? Only business owners and employees who make money see growth in just a few decades. It is obvious that they are getting a good place.

Therefore, it is not enough to just teach young agronomists in the field in which we are working to improve agriculture. Attitudes towards agriculture; To make the real situation of farmers in Myanmar more visible; In my opinion, we need more training that can incorporate critical thinking ideas from our own point of view.

This does not mean that we all have to work for the common good. But are we doing it for the sake of it? You need to be able to see clearly if the consequences are unintentional.

People in our field who have studied agriculture. If even those involved in agriculture do not have real power for him, what power will the farmers have?

Let us never overreact to the ideals of any organization. Let him be critical.

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