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Choose the plan that allows you to make phone calls at the lowest rates

For those who do not know which operator to choose in this day and age of SIM cards, here are the prices of the three most popular operators, MPT and two other telecoms. I would like to tell you a review on how to use promotions and plans.
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For MPT users, MPT has two main pillars to choose from.

(1) Swe Thahar (Swe Thahar is the first program made by MPT)

(2) Share (This is a brand new program that started on March 26, 2017)

What is the Shal Pyaw Plan?

Shal Pyaw Plan is the cheapest call plan in Myanmar for 15 Kyats per minute. Shal Pyaw Plan customers will be charged only 15 Kyats per minute for MPT-to-MPT calls (for all-Myanmar calls) and 25 Kyats per minute for calls to other operators.

Sending an SMS costs 15 kyats per message and 8MB per 1MB for internet access. If you have a shared subscription plan, it is worth buying MPT internet packages.

You can also apply for MPT’s other services and current internet packages at the original prices, making it a great plan not only for making phone calls but also for the internet. Those who want to apply for the Share Plan can apply by dialing * 234 * 3 # for free. You can apply once a day and all GSM and WCDMA users can apply.

Telenor’s plan is super-duplicate, at 18 Kyats per minute for Telenor-to-Telenor calls and 25 Kyats per minute for other operator calls.

At Ooredoo, calls between Ooredoo subscribers cost 25 kyats per minute, while calls from other operators cost 30 kyats per minute.

These are the rates charged by well-known operators in Myanmar. From start to finish, the rates charged by all three operators may not seem to differ much from one another, but in reality there are differences in call rates.

Compare minute-to-minute call rates between operators

MPT 15 kyats

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