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Should I clear RAM on Android ?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a phone these days is how much RAM you have.

Smartphone makers have made RAM a priority for their sales. But so far no phones have more RAM than laptops.

One of the most frequently asked questions about RAM is whether you should “clean” RAM to get more space when using it. So let’s find out….

What is RAM?
All smartphones and computers have two types of storage. “RAM” and “ROM”.

ROM is also known as “Internal Storage” and is cheaper than RAM. Now it can even produce erabytes. However, its performance is quite slow compared to RAM. It usually stores a large amount of data and provides RAM when needed.

RAM is a volatile disk. This means that when you run out of power or turn off your phone or laptop because it is temporary, all the data stored on it will be lost. The reason RAM is so expensive compared to ROM is because it is so fast. It temporarily stores the data and releases it when the CPU computes it. In other words, a ROM is a drawer on your desk. Think of RAM as an empty space on the table. When you really need it, the only thing you can quickly draw from the desk is the RAM, and the ROM is the one that is being pulled out of the drawer.

Gone are the days when RAM was not well managed. Nowadays, it is time to manage your RAM well without the need for any other app.

When you close any app, it saves a small “image” containing the data used in RAM. The next time you open the app, the CPU will not need to ask for additional internal storage, so it will run faster. If you clear the RAM yourself, the CPU will take longer to retrieve the data from the internal storage and give the RAM.

If you think that you have run out of RAM, you are a little confused. Android automatically wipes out any unnecessary parts of RAM.

In conclusion, do not get caught up in the talk of apps like “memory booster”. You don’t really need these apps because you don’t really need to clear RAM. Even if you want to clean it, Android will clean it automatically.

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