Do not lose the Warranty

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Do not lose the Warranty

Smartphones come with a warranty. Usually 12 months; 24 months warranty. It is clear why the guarantee is given. Manufacturing companies are trusted by customers who buy and use their products. It is to be used safely. But their guarantee also has rules and regulations that the customer must follow.

Some brands include batteries, Some accessories, such as headphones, only come with a short warranty. This is because the expected lifespan may change depending on the user’s situation.

Everyone knows what a warranty is. Your phone has recently been purchased, but its performance is poor. It doesn’t work well anymore. Or if you can not use it at all, you can go to the relevant service center for repair. Free repair if you meet the warranty specified by the service center.

If you use the phone, you will lose your rights. In almost every country, almost every product is refurbished to a specified warranty. Now that the insurance system can be integrated with the E-warranty system, you can see how important insurance is.

It is common to be unaware of a breach of warranty. In the past, many phone users rooted. Doing so will be considered a breach of warranty and you will not be able to enjoy the warranty benefits in the event of a software error. Some of them may be out of warranty when installing third party apps. It is best to go to a service center if you are not proficient, even if you are upgrading. Software crashes can happen unknowingly.

The hardware guarantee is that it can be replaced unless it is a user fault. Vivo, for example, offers a one-year limited warranty on their smartphones. Free replacement within 15 days from the date of purchase if there is any product defect or product quality defect. However, you must not violate any of the terms and conditions set forth in this guarantee.

In fact, the guarantee is an additional privilege for the customer. To take this opportunity, you must be very careful not to break the rules. Then you will be able to take full advantage of your opportunities.

For Vivo smart phones, go to more settings in the settings and you will see After Sales Service. You will find Vivo Service Centers around the world with specific addresses and contact numbers. This is an extra privilege given to the user with respect. The user has to be careful not to break the rules.

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