Facebook and Google – Where do you want to work?

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Facebook and Google – Where do you want to work?

There are many prominent companies in the technology world. Microsoft AOL အပ် ပလ်၊ There are many famous companies. There are two organizations that have emerged significantly since 2010. These are Facebook and Google.

These are two companies that dream of getting people from other worlds besides technologists. Those two are Facebook and Google. Where do you want to work?


Facebook runs a social networking service. Launched in February 2004, it is owned by Facebook Inc. It is active and has over 845 million users. Once users have registered and created a profile, they can start using it. They are friends, You can reach out to your parents, relatives, and anyone in the world. Your real friend. Your boss Your lover’s hobby. Ability to form interested groups and work from the amateur to the commercial level. You can set up your own pages as well as secret groups, and the restrictions are that Facebook users must be 13 years of age or older. There are five founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes.

Founded in 1998, Google has been based in Mountian View, California since 2006. It was started by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Surrey Brin, and now Eric Schmidt has been a senior officer for 20 years. Currently, it offers Web services such as Gmail, Google Chrome, and Gtalk, as well as offline services such as Google Driverless Car and Google Mobile Phone, with more than 200 products.

People who work on Facebook People who love Facebook and people who are familiar with Facebook are considered Facebookers, and Google is called Googlers.


There is a word. Not all success is happiness, and not all happiness is a dream come true. When you look at the concept of a dream job, it is often measured by how happy you are in the workplace. According to the facts, Facebook users are very happy and they love their job. A survey of workplace happiness rates found that 84% of Google employees were happy in the workplace and 93% of Facebook employees were happy in the workplace. “I am one of the lucky people in the world,” wrote a Facebook Data Scientist in his work.


Freedom and happiness are different. Some jobs are free but low pay. I am not happy because I have no other opportunity. Some of them have good salaries. Workplace rules are too strict to be independent. Facebookers are both free and independent. I feel both happiness and joy. Don Faul, a senior Facebook executive, compared it to Google in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. For example, employees are managed by a manager. But that managerial position is not eternal. Once every 3 months Or if you can not solve the questions and problems of the staff, you will be given a position of responsibility (by voting system). So anyone can become a manager without a manager in a project. Once a manager is selected by his subordinates, he is recognized by his superiors and given a salary and benefits until nothing goes wrong.

Money? I think I mean salary. That word does not apply to Facebookers and Googlers. The saying that money cannot replace everything is not entirely true. Money can meet a measure. Researchers at the University of Columbia and the University of Michigan say that the salaries of employees who say they’re good for money do not really make them happy. Facebook and Google do not have that problem. Roughly speaking, a Google employee earns 133,000 and a Facebook employee earns 135,000. In addition, Facebook employees get 17% of the market share, while Google gives 10%. That’s why every employee is considered their company. This is my company… so every employee has a spirit of hard work.

Low pressure
Google One of the things that makes Facebook so popular in the world of work is the lack of pressure. That’s a point that every employee is interested in. Many employees are willing to work hard but can not stand the pressure. Every employee has the motivation to live a stress-free life. What about Facebook? Google is full of such employees. Silicon Valley companies In the world of technology, factories, Both Google and Facebook were under less pressure when it came to surveying and evaluating companies. Even when pressured, I still have friends to deal with. There are also doctors who can help you deal with stress from a medical perspective. Both companies also have all kinds of physical equipment to help ease the pressure. 11% of Facebookers think their company is not stressful and 9% of Googlers are stress-free.

The meaning of life
When asked if this was the best job in the world, 81% of Facebook users immediately said “yes” and 67% of Googlers said “it makes life more satisfying.” When interviewing employees in the tech world, the companies they most wanted to work for were Microsoft, Microsoft, and Apple Corps. Apple “Companies like Amazon,” he said. Two companies, Facebook and Google, are always competing with each other. To find the simple meaning of life, 86% of people want to work there for the rest of their lives.

Workplace difficulties
Researchers say that after a successful interview and six weeks into the workplace, surviving on Google will no doubt be more difficult than working on Facebook. This is a collection of quotes from former employees at Google. Here is a collection of the best students from the 10 best colleges in the world. Some people only distinguish the colors of a button on a site. Others have to flag videos on YouTube. Here, Google and Facebook’s work ethic is balanced, with salaries and responsibilities. Depending on the level of responsibility, the challenges are low and high. Height အ တကျ၊ “It simply came to our notice then.

Social ability
According to a senior Google employee who wrote on Quora, Google has more than 53,000 employees, and supporting social work for each of them has helped lift employees’ morale and keep them engaged. Both companies seem to have read U Nu’s Mittabalatika. This is because small companies are formed to carry out social work. To do charity work; He says there are tens of thousands of small groups that can help keep employees from becoming socially disadvantaged.

There are times in the workplace when new ideas do not come up. I gave the footballers time to do that. Rich people also travel. Ordinary employees feel like they are locked up, says Daniel Real, editor of Business Insider. Googlers are often more active here than Facebookers, and senior Googlers say they see nothing wrong with that.

Other opportunities
Every employer sees every employee as a bonus when it comes to other opportunities. Of course not. Here are some other opportunities in the workplace: Some jobs are .. let’s say .. store…. In that case, the staff may be obsessed with toys. In fact, it is not worth it. But psychologists who have studied many of the staff say they want it. As a result, they do not own the property while it is being sold. Some business owners are cautious. Success is often exchanged for money. As much as possible. If the model is still underweight, wear clothes. အ ဝတျ၊ Red lips They often vote for things like

That way, New York stores will continue to be staffed despite low pay.

What about Facebook? There are many other opportunities at Google.

Are you hungry? Do you want to eat fruit? Do you want to come home from work cheaply? Bored of work and want to take a shower? How do you break that water? Hot water Is the water cold? Or do you just want to relax after an hour of surfing and do what you want to do? Yes.

Facebook and Google It can even be said that both companies are competing.

It also takes responsibility for the privacy of its employees. For example, mothers have the right to bring their children to work if they do not disturb others.
There is a set of guest rooms for each group to meet.
Facebook allows you to take a leave of absence for up to four months. Google allows you to take up to 18 days off.
Almost every company has a library, but some of them have tennis courts, Small football field; Swimming pool with diving pool A place to walk and run. There are many places where you can do various sports for your health.

I want to ask
Which of these two companies would you like to work for? Why ??? …

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