If you do not want to have liver cancer

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If you do not want to have liver cancer

Who has liver cancer? You often hear people around you who are dehydrated. The stage of the cancer is usually quite high at the time of diagnosis.

Liver disease can cause symptoms that may not be noticeable at first, but may not be noticeable until later in life. That’s why it’s important to prevent this before it happens. If you do not want to get liver cancer.

Prevent liver cancer

Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers and should be avoided. To prevent this, I would like you to take care of your liver health. Here are some important things to know in daily life to keep your liver healthy:

Maintain a healthy weight

If you are overweight or obese, you may have fatty liver. This can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Eat a healthy diet

High calorie foods, saturated fats, Avoid too many processed carbohydrates (such as whole wheat bread, white rice) and sweets. Nuts and fish Do not eat seafood raw or undercooked.

High in fiber Eat nutritious foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables Eat more vegetables. You can also eat red meat, but eat in moderation. Dairy products (skim milk); You also need fats (use essential oils such as vegetable oil and sunflower oil).

Do not eat processed foods

They contain chemicals that can keep the liver fresh for a long time, which can damage the liver. Therefore, if you want to keep your liver healthy, you should take ready-to-eat foods that contain long-acting drugs. Modifications Eat as little canned food as possible. It is best to avoid.

Get regular physical activity

Exercise not only helps maintain a healthy weight but also keeps the liver healthy. Get 150 minutes of activity a week. Studies show that it improves liver enzyme function and is good for liver health.

Avoid other toxins

Pesticides; Toxic substances, such as air pollutants, kill liver cells. Cleaning supplies and sprays; Avoid direct contact with toxic chemicals. For example, if you spray mosquito repellent in a room, people should avoid it. Or wear a nose bandage. Avoid inhalation.

Consider drinking alcohol

Alcohol can cause many health problems, as well as damage to liver cells and cause cirrhosis. When you drink alcohol, you release a lot of toxins that can damage the liver. Alcohol-induced liver disease is also the most common type.

Prevent hepatitis

Hepatitis is caused by a virus and the three most common types are hepatitis A, B and C. All three are contagious, but the C virus can only be transmitted through blood or body fluids. Vaccines are already available for A and B.

Be careful:

Take care of personal hygiene. Get into the habit of washing your hands.

Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through blood or unprotected sex.

Be careful not to come in contact with other people’s blood (for example, use a disposable needle or knife).

Get vaccinated

Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B viruses. There is no vaccine for the hepatitis C virus.

Do not share personal items with others: razors, razors, and razors. သွား ပြ တံ၊ Invisible germs on nail clippers It can affect body fluids, including blood. You can become infected when you share a device with an infected person.

Take care of your medication

I’m not telling you to take the medicine with your eyes. If any medication is taken in excess of the prescribed dose, If you take too much medicine, it can damage your liver. Even if you do drink alcohol, keep it close to the time you are taking the medicine.

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