M-Money Introduces Digital Coupon and E-Commerce Payment System for Mobile Phone Users

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M-Money Introduces Digital Coupon and E-Commerce Payment System for Mobile Phone Users

Ooredoo M-Money aims to bring the people of Myanmar closer to a better future through secure money transfer services. In addition, M-Money today introduced digital coupons and e-commerce payment systems for two new services, iTunes and Google Play Store, to support financial inclusion related to Myanmar’s economy.

All M-Pay customers will be able to access a wide range of services from the M-Pay app. Under the Gift Cards icon you will also find coupons and vouchers for the Google Play Store, Apple iTunes, Steam Wallet, EasyPoints and Viber Out. In the past, most people in Myanmar used to buy online services based on geographical location. There were many restrictions on access to services, such as technical status and financial services.

Now they can download music from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. Games and applications; Game Coins for Steam Community VOIP Prepaid e Top-up for calling Viber stickers and landline and non-Viber phones. Games available from EasyPoints; You will be able to subscribe to applications. Now I play games. M-Pay users will now have the convenience of being able to listen to music and make calls to phones that do not have Viber. All of these vouchers and coupons will be available for purchase at M-Pay customers free of charge.

M-Money provides e-commerce payment services for the convenience of its customers. Now you can pay for tickets from Myanmar National Airlines and NOK Air. Travel services available at flymya.com such as purchasing airline tickets and bus tickets; Hotels Pre-booking of destinations and trips; Services such as car rental and recreation and event tickets will now be available for pre-order with M-Pay. In addition to these travel services, you will also be able to make online purchases at SG Shop Myanmar, Myan Pwel and 123 payment services using digital currency. M-Pay customers will now be able to pay for travel expenses or shop online with the click of a finger.

Ooredoo Myanmar Chief M-Commerce Officer Mr. Jacques Voogt said: “As we enter a time of economic transition driven by the emerging potential of the region and the rise of mobile phone penetration, we are moving to a cash-strapped, cash-strapped Myanmar-based economy. We want to create a new service that is fast, secure and up-to-date. We are transforming Myanmar’s payment and financial services model with our M-Pay service. ” He said.

Ooredoo M-Pay will enable the people of Myanmar to become more empowered by making e-commerce a reality for the people of Myanmar, and now is the time for the people of Myanmar to start using M-Money for their own security and convenience.

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