Should young people serve in the military if the conscription law comes into force in Myanmar?

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Should young people serve in the military if the conscription law comes into force in Myanmar?

Anuru Min Aung Hlaing, chairman of the Military Council, said at a meeting on February 2 that he would work for all citizens to serve in the military this year. According to Ma Ala, the conscription law will not be enacted immediately.

It will be revived as it is about to be the last exit of Ma Ala and Boma. It is a well-known fact that the number one thing he said was that it would boost the country’s economy. No country other than China dares to invest in the current state of the economy. Even existing businesses are shutting down and leaving. But in their area, the country is progressing. The stagnation is in their mouths.

Let the economy grow for a while. The main point is whether or not to serve in the military. When Ma Ala started talking, she said that she would not join Ma La’s war but would go to the pdf. There are two factions among the people (youth) who will join the war and fight back against Ma Ala. I fully support the decision of a soldier cdm to join the pdf, which is the decision of the PPP First Party, not to join the war. Officer How soldiers are controlled; Because they know very well what kind of intelligence they are working to maintain their power. The second group, which entered the war and fought back against Ma Ala, was not encouraged at all. There are many behind-the-scenes ideas about Malala enacting a conscription law.

Do not underestimate the value of Ma La. With that said, it started a fire in the community. It will be implemented sooner or later depending on the people’s response. I do not want to write about some things on social media. I do not want to say The comments I wrote and wrote were a guide for them to prepare in advance and they were very worried that the people would be in trouble. You will know that some of Ma La’s actions are being followed by the reactions of the people on social media.

However, I would like to present this article as if the people should know and be prepared in advance. Forgive me if my statements are wrong. Because that’s all my intellect has. So what happens if the conscription law is enacted in the first place?

Once the law is enacted, a census of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 will be conducted nationwide (except in areas controlled by EROs and PDFs). Once collected, no house has any children. Where are you going? You will first find out what you are doing and then ask your child to call back when and where to report. Failure to do so may result in the family being arbitrarily arrested, beginning with the evasion of military service.

Inevitably, those who will inevitably join the second group, those who will join the war and turn to Mala, will have to go to the nearest military headquarters and report it. (You will not be allowed to hold the phone at all and will be suppressed with the words ‘order’.

During their detention, they will not be able to do anything but listen to the voices of teachers who say that this is what military life is all about while they are under house arrest.

As soon as they arrive at the fenced-in and sparsely populated training schools, the newcomers will be officially detained for six months for a basic military training course.

Training schools will not be located in big cities. It can only be opened in mountainous and conflict areas and minefields will be set up around the school for security reasons.

Training schools are not equipped with small arms and ammunition, and DBs are not allowed to drive. No more than 20 small arms firearms were fired until the end of the training session, even without ammunition.

Even during military rule and in times of peace in the country, the training schools are the same and can be even more restrictive now. If necessary, training sessions will be extended as required by the military.

During training, they will be able to keep many of the young men who are threatening to turn them off during the training, and the EROs and PDFs will be able to use the shields as human shields when attacking them, and will be able to fry fish with each other.

Today I joined the army for training. It would be a big mistake to think that he would hand over weapons and ammunition. Today, with the exception of infantry and light infantry, officers and enlisted men are stationed in the army. Even soldiers have never seen small arms or ammunition in their entire lives, except during training. They had no weapons, no ammunition, even when they went to security. It is only during the current state of emergency that weapons and ammunition are provided, but not all. It is issued only to trusted people.

Therefore, those who are thinking of joining the army should join. We want them to think about whether or not to enter. Compulsory military service law is not yet in force. The above information is for the people who have not been affected by the landslide to be prepared. It is not yet possible for the law to be enacted in the first place. I do not think it is possible (it is my opinion only).

They still have a long way to go before the law can be enacted. It will cost a lot of money to enact the law, so Malala has vowed to enforce the law if the economy grows. So, I have to write about whether or not I should serve in the military because I do not want the people to listen to what the dictator is saying and take it seriously.

Everything they say and do is for their own good and to maintain their power. Nothing for the state and its citizens. No matter what they say or do, they issue orders. Ignore any event. Now, if they want to say something to the people, including the international community, they will use derogatory words and the people will want to make fun of them. Because of the reluctance to share on social media, the message spread quickly and it was as if we were doing pro motion.

So, if you want to know what they want to say, even if it is said through the big media, read on. Once you know, do not comment or share. If the media is interested in the people, they will continue to write. If people ignore it and no one cares, no one will write. In that case, what they want to say and do to the people will not reach the people.

They will go crazy if no one cares what they say or do. At the moment, the people need to pay attention to the PDFs, which are fighting for the victory of the revolution. To provide valuable information for EROs and UGs; Let us strive to abide by the declarations, cooperate, donate as much as we can, and focus on overthrowing the military dictatorship on Burmese soil and building a new, equal federal democratic state.

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