Unique and economically important eel fish

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Swamp eel

The eel’s body is long and smooth, with a narrow head. They have short jaws. The eel is also known as Swamp eel or ricefield eel.

At first glance, the eel looks like a snake, unlike a fish. It is also a kind of fish that has no scales like a snake and has smooth body parts. Some species live in burrows.

The eel is a freshwater fish that lives in streams and creeks. Myaung Yes. Sanchaung They live in paddy fields. The female eel lays about 1,000 eggs at a time. The mother is fed and fed. Female eels usually nest in their nests during pregnancy and leave the nest after hatching. The male eel continues to care for the eels until they reach the eel.

The eel:

Phylum (genus) – Chordata

Class – Actinopterygii

Order (Synod) – Synbranchidae

Family: Synbranchiformes

Genus – Monopterus

Species: Also known as Monopterus albus.

Monopterus albus eels are also found in Myanmar, and some large farmers have noticed that the eels eat the rice snails in the fields because they live in the fields, reducing the rate of snail breeding in the field and as a natural food for fish. Incorporating eels into the paddy field can reduce the number of snails and reduce the biodiversity of the paddy field and the surrounding silt. It will increase the value of varieties.

The eel nature is quite complex and easy to catch in large numbers. Eels are usually 2-3 feet long. Some eels live up to 6 feet in length. Eels feed on fish and shellfish. Shellfish The lizard and other sea creatures are hunted at night.

The eel species found in Myanmar are: Eel (red); Black squid (black) Hide and seek Sword tail And eel blood.

The eel meat is very tasty, so the Burmese roast the eel and eat it. They are also good for cooking. They also drink eel blood. The eel eats up to four other species of fish and has a unique taste. Red eel is better eaten than black eel. Significantly, the Chinese believed that adding eel blood to alcohol increased male potency.

In addition, eel meat conquers the bile and causes heartburn. I have read that it can cure the virus.

The most popular popular eel dishes are:

Dried oysters; Eel pickles Eel earthenware pots; Green eel The eel swells. Eel Sushi And fried oysters.

The eel is a unique and economically important fish. Eel farming is also successful. ‘It’s a marketable fish.

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