Useful Dhani tree

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Useful Dhani tree

Dandelion is also known as the roofing material.The practice of sheltering with thatch has been around for a long time and is still used today. Dandelion grows in saline coastal areas and in coastal creeks. In Myanmar, rainforest grows in Ayeyarwady Division and Rakhine State. With the exception of the locals, most are unaware of the usefulness of the whole dandelion tree and only know that dandelion should be used for roofing.

The English name Nipa palm is a versatile palm tree. The scientific name is Nypa fruticans and it originated in Sri Lanka. India Burma through the Borneo Peninsula and Java; Thailand Arrived in Vietnam.

The leaves of the dandelion tree are used for house roofing, as well as for bone fencing. The young leaves have a pungent odor, making them ideal for cakes, pastries, and pastries. It is used as a side in the packaging of sorghum. You can drink the juice from the dandelion tree as a soft drink. It is also used in making traditional Dawei coconut milk. Pa Ohn Ye is a vinegar used in cooking Dawei traditional food. The fruit of the dandelion tree is palm, It is shaped like a pear and is white. It is also used in desserts, juices and ice creams as an edible fruit similar to palm.

Nowadays, dried dandelion is very popular and is widely grown in Tanintharyi Division and other parts of Myanmar where dandelion is produced and sold and shipped all over Myanmar. Dried dandelions contain polyphenols. It produces antioxidants in the human body. Antioxidant promotes growth. In addition, dried dandelion can prevent cancer, Prevention of cardiovascular diseases; Resistance Relieving neurological disorders. Sometimes you can drink dry tea instead of tea because it has many benefits such as relieving itching and skin diseases. Burnt ash is also used for itchy and toothache. According to the analysis, dried dandelion is richer in antioxidants than ginseng.

Therefore, it is necessary to systematically preserve the rainforests in the coastal areas of Myanmar by using various methods not only as a shelter but also as a shelter.

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