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3 Moves toward Showing the Outcomes You Need.

3 Moves toward Showing the Outcomes You Need.

1. Make your demands known.

There are so many people who avoid asking for what they really want. There are a number of reasons. One possibility is that they are so stressed and overburdened that they are unable to tune into what it actually is. Because of this, I usually begin a coaching relationship by removing things that drain energy and focusing on self-care. Another reason is that they simultaneously stop themselves in their tracks by worrying about “how” it will happen. The method is beyond our control, and the universe has a much more extensive strategy than we could have ever imagined. In fact, it’s pretty spectacular. Thirdly, a lot of people don’t bother trying because they don’t think they are worthy of greatness or because they don’t know they can even ask. For a great introduction, watch the movie or read the book. or adjust) to everything.

2. Think you will get it.

The overwhelming majority of people stop themselves at this point. You can say you want something, but deep down you won’t get it if your beliefs aren’t in line with it. This is why the majority of people are intellectually aware of these principles; however, if their lives do not reflect these principles, it is because they do not feel them deeply.

The majority of the beliefs that control the situation are unconscious. Our perceptions of ourselves and the world, as well as the choices we make and actions we take, are influenced by our beliefs. For instance, if you made the decision that you weren’t smart enough when your teacher made fun of you in class as a child, you will continue to have experiences in your life that tell you that you aren’t smart enough. like a bad job or bad results in business. You will act in ways that bring it about. I know, crazy, but knowing you have control over this is simultaneously so liberating. Make decisions based on the empowered belief you want by repeatedly affirming it. This is why I adore A Course in Miracles: it teaches us that we are all meant to create joy, regardless of age, sex, religion, education, or anything else. In our most recent podcast episode (see above), we talk more about this.

3. Accept it.

Another place where people get stuck is this one. The “way” always appears in the form of an opportunity or an idea. Because they don’t feel good enough, the majority of people have trouble receiving the goodness that is waiting for them (returning to beliefs). So, the next step will literally be right there, but they don’t even see it because their energy isn’t in line with what they want (worthiness is love, and dreams are love).

I am such a strong advocate for self-care because of this. Because doing what you love demonstrates that you are deserving of the things in life that make you happy, like pursuing your dreams. Get used to receiving. Often. Receiving requires accepting what comes up, even if it is a little scary. When you do notice that next step, you must be willing to take it. The term for this is inspired action. The opportunity will pass you by if you say things like “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the time.” You need to return to your beliefs because the belief you are operating from is insufficient.

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