The Deception of Conviction in Business.

The Deception of Conviction in Business.

This week, I worked for free with a lovely woman who really wants to develop a business strategy that benefits her and her ideal customers. She clearly wants to make a difference in the world and has a lovely vision.

She could see a few obstacles standing in her way of bringing this vision into the form. One of them, and an extremely normal one, was the vulnerability of what may or probably won’t occur. Would she acquire customers? Will she be able to keep her word? How to make money? In other words, will you succeed?

It was hard for her to stay out of the “known,” all those familiar reasons why something doesn’t seem possible, when we first looked at her vision. Some of them might be familiar to you:

1-Not enough time to complete it
2-Insufficient cash to make it happen.
3-Not got the right stuff to get it going.
4-I lack the patience.
5-A lack of self-assurance
6-Does it merit consideration?

I was reminded of a brick when she talked about the reasons why something she wanted wasn’t possible. As she rated each belief as positive or negative, it felt like she was gluing them together and building her own self-imposed walls. These blocks (her convictions/thoughts) were in a real sense being established into place by her own decisions. As such, it was he own commitment with them that was causing them to show up genuine.

It’s so unassuming.

After identifying and giving power to random thoughts, we experience feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused, etc. We somehow fail to recognize that we are knowingly contributing to this false self-created “prison” The prison could cause us to feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or any other tight feeling we might have.

We mistakenly believe that the tight feeling is caused by something outside of us, like a low bank balance, insufficient website traffic, or a shrinking clientele. All of it is false.

Neither the circumstances nor other people ever trigger our emotions. They are continuously coming from our own reasoning. In point of fact, feeling and thinking are the same thing. They will never leave each other. Therefore, when we experience any emotion, we are merely being reminded that thinking is taking place. Nothing more.

Isn’t that a consolation?

That implies we don’t need to transform anything at all. It implies we don’t have the occupation of controlling the outside to cheer us up. Whew!

We have never held leadership positions and never will. In the event that that doesn’t sound consistent with you, ponder the way that you can’t quit breathing assuming you need to! Something is breathing you, you are not in control.

Taking our hands off the wheel won’t make any difference because we aren’t steering the car anyway; our only “job” is to enjoy the ride, regardless of whether it takes us up or down. Give it a try! When you let go of the wheel and realize that you are not in control of the situation, you should stop worrying about what will happen and observe how your thoughts settle down to give you the sense of calm and peace you really want.

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